Tips & Hints

Ready and able is Salem Plumbing to take care of any need you have. Here is our personal guarantee: If we do not fix the problem then we do not charge you!

Keeping It Safe

One of the best tips is to hire a plumbing professional. Many times people try to save money by hiring a handy man for plumbing. The problem is when the work is done wrong. Our motto is do it right and do it once!.

Good Tips

It's time to get a new water heater if:

The tank leaks, you hear a rumbling noise, the efficiency is down from where it was previously.

The toilet needs repair:

If its leaking from the tank or the base. Also, if you hear a vibrating noise when flushed.

The garbage disposal suddenly stops:

Check the plug under the sink to see if it's still plugged in the electrical outlet. If any object falls into the disposal, DO NOT attempt to remove it on your own. A plumber must be called.